Company Profile

Seaway Yarns was established by Joe Ariagno in 1990, operating out of a heritage industrial complex along the St. Lawrence Seaway in Cornwall, Ontario. Since its inception, the company has built its market share in the industrial and specialty yarn market, earning a reputation for quality products at competitive prices.

In 1996 the company moved into a modern 40,000 sq. ft. facility in Cornwall's industrial park. This move positioned Seaway Yarns to pursue new growth opportunities, and at the same time allowed the company to achieve new efficiencies in its manufacturing processes. A 24,000 sq. ft addition was constructed in 2003, allowing us to increase our production capacity and rendering a more efficient plant layout.

We remain committed to the Cornwall area, and to growing our business. We continue to seek and install new equipment to improve our processes. New equipment must enhance our quality, safety, flexibility, & production, while reducing our costs. Twisting continues to remain our core business. However, we have also branched into new areas such as air entangling, dyeing & more recently more air jet texturing.

Our People

The people of Seaway Yarns are our best asset. Our people are what make the difference and enable us to provide quality products, excellent service and consistent products at competitive prices.

Our commitment from our people helps to make this possible. Below is a list of key personnel.

Key Personnel

  1. Donald Ariagno - General Manager (
  2. Robert Ariagno - VP of Sales (
  3. Claude Giguere - Production Manager (
  4. Ted Casselman - Controller (
  5. Aline Martineau - Account Receivable (
  6. Sheryl Andress - Account Payable (
  7. Marlene Pettinella - Scheduler (
  8. Jennifer Fry - Quality Assurance Sup. (
  9. Human Resources - Payroll (
  10. Paul Poirier - Maintenance Manager (

    We recognize these people and many others for helping to establish Seaway Yarns Limited as a market leader in industrial yarns.

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