Protective Services

  • High End Specialty Yarns
  • Fire Resistant Coating
  • Fire Hose & Gear

Automotive & Transportation

  • Iso 9001:2008 Certified
  • Safety Application
  • Comfort & Style

Rope & Cordage

  • Up To 180,000 Denier
  • Dyed Colours
  • Finish Ready

Wire Cable & Slings

  • Up To 180,000 Denier
  • High Performance Fibers
  • Wire/Cable/Round Sling


  • Military Colours
  • Multiple Application
  • Approved Material Specs


  • Fire Resistant
  • Safety Applications
  • High End Specialty

Our Sevices

Air Entangling

  • Most commonly nylon and polyester
  • Higher levels of entanglement reduce the need for twisting
  • Size ranging from 840 den up to 21,000 denie



  • We twist all fibers, spun, mono & multi-filament
  • Commission work accepted
  • Custom put-up to meet your need
  • Size ranging from 150 den up to 180,000 denier

Air Jet Texturing

  • Nylon, polyester, polypropylene and aramids
  • Texturized yarns have the performance of filament but the hand of a spun
  • Size ranging from 220 den up to 17,000 denier

Dyed Yarns

  • We dye all fibers types, spun and multi-filament
  • Commission work accepted
  • Custom color matching to meet your needs
  • Multiple batch sizes available

Our Process


Our team is here to help you to meet your needs.

We specialize in industrial yarns and can offer specialty finishes, and put-ups for all industries. We would be happy to assist you in developing a product for your application.


We use state of the art equipment to manufacture products for all applications. Guaranteeing the highest quality standards possible.

Samples are available for approval.


We will provide you with a quality product when and where you need it.

We will gladly manage the freight of your order from our door to your door. Providing you worry free service while saving you time and money.