Protective Services

  • Commonly found in protective apparel and safety gear
  • Polyester, nylon and aramid blends for firehose construction
  • Coatings may be used to improve wear and enhance FR properties

Automotive & Transportation

  • Commonly found under the hood and inside the passenger cabin
  • Seatbelts, protective sleeving and hose
  • MRG (mechanical rubber goods) hose reinforcement yarns
  • ISO 9001:2008 certified

Rope & Cordage

  • Products range from seine twine to safety lines
  • 200 den up to 180,000 denier
  • Specialty finishes available
  • Custom/specialty dyed colours are available

Wire Cable & Slings

  • Round sling yarns using polyester and high performance blended fibers
  • Flat web slings using nylon and polyester
  • Rip cords, marker and binder yarns
  • 200 den up to 180,000 denier


  • Commonly found both on the soldier and in the field
  • Soldier Systems to military fatigues
  • Meeting MIL-SPEC requirements


  • Aircraft interiors
  • Yarns meeting or exceeding newest critical standards
  • Fuselage protection, seatbelts and carpeting.